Another of the images in the new ‘Book of Nature’ series I’ve been working on for some months now. I’m imaging making an entire landscape from this series, playing with the presentations of these intricate macro depictions, and also creating an expansive geography as the images are placed in a line beside each to form a long sequence. The books will create an undulating and rhythmic horizon line, akin to hills and valleys…


The Book of Nature

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on a new series of etchings – intense drawings of macro environments on book pages. In these works I’m wanting the ¬†foliage and animals ¬†to be captured on the pages of a wordless book – creating a text of animals, a calligraphy of foliage…..

‘Wildlife Preserve – Birds’

Recently I had the good fortune of winning the Great Southern Art Award Print prize with the above print of two etchings. I’ve been making images of small glass biomes for around a year now – small, delicate environments which hold various birds and animals. They are intended to evoke museum specimens, where animals are recorded, stored catalogued – but in my depictions the animals are alive in these fragile environments. In this image there are two birds – one is the Buff-banded Rail which leads a furtive life in the vegetation of our backyard, and the other is the endangered Noisy Scrub bird which lives in only a few reserves east of here.